Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tucker Tuesday ~ Garlic Bread Pasta aka Pasta Alfredo

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Pasta Alfredo is a wonderful quick easy and wholesome meal.
I found that if I called this Pasta Alfredo the kids don't like it much. But if it's called Garlic Bread Pasta (as the LOVE garlic bread) then they come back for seconds!
I have decided to go with my instincts more when it comes to food. I have always though that it was best to eat real food rather than packet stuff that has been tampered too much. Surely that stuff can't be good for you. So cream and butter it is!

Pasta Alfredo
500g dried pasta, or make your own, even better!
50g-ish butter
Good tablespoon of garlic, or to taste
300ml carton of cream
100g freshly grated parmesan

Cook your pasta in plenty of salted boiling water.
While it's cooking melt the butter in a small fry pan.
Add the garlic and cook a couple of minutes.
Pour in the cream. Allow to simmer for a few minutes til it thickens a bit.
Add 3/4 of the parmesan and melt through.
Toss through your cooked and drained pasta.
Serve topped with more parmesan.

Now you can add some fresh chopped herbs if you like. Some peas, sliced spring onions, sliced cooked chicken breast, bacon, capsicum, mushie, or whatever takes your fancy if you like.

What I like is that at the end of a long day this takes just a few minutes to whip together and it's easy. No chopping tonnes of different things, heat and eat type stuff!

Take Care

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  1. Becci, cream & butter is definitely better for you than any packaged processed chemical laden stuff! The only way to cook!!