Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tucker Tuesdays ~ Recipe: Baked Stuffed Potatoes

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I used to make these spuds all the time, but for some reason I haven't made them in ages. They are so yummy and can be as frugal or fancy as you like!

Firstly take some nice round spuds, prick them all over and cook them til they are soft. You can bake them in the oven, or if you are short of time, or just trying to save some power, pop them in the microwave. Make sure they are well cooked though.

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Once they are cooked, cut them in half horizontally. This is why you want nice round ones, so each half is a nice cup shape.
Scoop out the flesh leaving a little bit on the skin to form a shell. Lightly coat with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
Pop on a baking tray and bake at about 200C for about 30mins until the shells are nice and golden and crispy.

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While the shells are baking, prepare the filling.
For a whole trays worth I cooked up a finely chopped onion, a couple of rashers of bacon, about 4 nice sized mushrooms and a couple of teaspoons of garlic.
I added this, about a cup of grated cheddar cheese and about half a small container of sour cream to the potato flesh.
Give it a good mix through so everything is incorporated well.

You can use whatever you like to stuff the spuds with. Even just mash the flesh and add some cheese or sour cream to it if you are being frugal is very nice.

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Once the shells are baked fill them with the filling mixture. How much you fill them will depend on how much you have added to the flesh.
I like to top mine with a little bit of extra grated cheddar cheese.
Bake for about 30 mins on about 180C (I roasted some other veg with these).

You can make these ahead of time and pop them in the fridge before baking if needed. They will just need some extra baking time to heat right through.

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These are always a hit when ever I make them.

Take Care

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  1. They look so yummy Becci! I keep trying them with the twins and they won't go for them....I just love them!!