Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday Link Up and Cath Kidson inspired blanket reveal

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I have been working on this lap rug on and off since just after Christmas last year.
After the shock of our power bill last winter we decided that we wouldn't be running the split system as much this year. One way to keep we warm was to have a lap rug. That along with my nice warm jammies and dressing gown should be enough to keep me warm at night for most of winter.

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Now I do have plenty or rugs I could have chosen to use but I thought it would be nice to have a cute girly (rare in a house full of boys) rug just for me.
I love Cath Kidson style products so used the colours as inspiration for this rug.

 photo 2013_0423Feb20130001_zps514cc285.jpg
It's not quite cool enough to use just yet, so for now it's hung on the back of my recliner.

Now I have this project out of the way I can start to make some good head way on a patchwork granny square blanket each for Ethan and Eli. More about that next week.

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  1. It is gorgeous !!! Great work !!
    We use a lot of blankets here too and I didn't have a high energy bill this year. I got a little in return ; )

  2. It's gorgeous! Love the colours! I have dreams of one day making a crochet blanket. Right now though, dishcloths will have to do :)

    Thanks for linking up with And Sew We Craft Together.

    Amy x

  3. My partner and I have never used any form of heaters what so ever in our household, it's lovely home made blankets like these, plus dressing gowns, jimmy jams and ugg boots that keep us nice and toasty! I love this design, and the colours are stunning!
    I've been meaning to get around to making another blanket for the couch, alas the treasured old granny square blanket made by my Great Grandmother many moons ago has seen better days and is due to be retired to hanging over the back of the couch to preserve it.