Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday Link Up!

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I decided last year that I would make both Ethan and Eli a blanket for their bed.
I had my heart on a hexagon blanket each. In set colours. Then Ethan saw a picture of a patchwork granny square blanket when I was browsing Pinterest one day. That was it, that's what he wanted.
So now I have finally finished my other projects I can get a real start on it. I'm making 5 round grannys in solid colours. I'm using up much of my stash for this too, which Brian is very happy for, but will still need to buy lots to get them finished.

I have roughly worked out that the blanket will probably be about 13 squares wide by 21 long. Times that by two blankets and that's 546 squares!

I had made a few square for it before now, when I didn't feel like making anything else, so I did have a bit of a head start.
But this weekend I managed to add 37 more square to the pile for a total of 128.
That's nearly quarter of the way there!

I am aiming to make 50 squares each weekend and I will be taking just this project with me when we go on holidays later this month. I hope by the end of that time I will have a fair whack of it knocked over.

Do you have a Crafty Project you've blogged about this last week and would like to share?
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