Friday, June 14, 2013

We Won ~ How Lucky!

A while back I entered a competition run my Cenovis for a My First Garden kit on Facebook
Was one of those 25 words or less comps. Can't remember exactly what I wrote but something about the boys loving it and it being great for our simple living journey I think.
Well lucky us, we were one of 500 winners. So exciting. Two other members over at DTE won too!

I was a little worried about delivery as I had notice just before we went away that they were on their way soon. Fortunately it was delivered the monday after we arrived home.

 photo 2013_0614June20130010_zps25517210.jpg
Here is the cute pack it all came in

 photo 2013_0614June20130011_zpsed26ebaa.jpg

Along with the usual instruction etc there was a set of magnetic letters that come standard plus a couple of packets of sweet basil and a $20 voucher for Bunnings.
The instructions say it needs 4 x 25Ltr bags of potting mix so we planned to use the voucher for that and then get some extra seeds and plants. We were heading past a Bunnings a couple of days later so that was a bonus.

 photo Bunnings_zpsb00cb0d2.jpg
(excuse the bad pic it's from my phone)

We bought some polyanthus for 50c each! A strawberry plant that was flowering and had a runner already.
Two different types of carrot seeds and some baby spinach seeds (on tape for something different).

 photo 2013_0614June20130013_zps4e9f9cef.jpg

We got a bit over zealous and bought too many things so in the end we put in just one row of carrots down the middle and two short rows of spinach between the strawbs.

 photo 2013_0614June20130012_zps9867c297.jpg

The boys had lots of fun helping me get everything organised and planted.
Ethan just wasn't impressed with having his photo taken.

I just love this little kit though. It's a great size for the kids too. Easy to put together and the edges are rolled so very safe for the kiddies.
The prize was valued at over $100 but you can purchase the kits yourself (the bed and magnets) for $59 on the website or instore at Bunnings for $49 (check the website for details).

Do your kids garden?

Take Care

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