Monday, July 15, 2013

Menu Planning Mondays Link Up!

 photo 2013_0711July20130001_zps6ecfab9c.jpg
Brian and the boys making his famous Bread and Butter Pud, no recipe sorry, just something he wings every time.

This last week was almost a write off. We all ended up with gastro, so the menu plan went out the window for the most part. Then the rest of the week was shuffled around. But that's the beauty of having a plan, it can be flexible.

Mon ~ Sick
Tues ~ Marinated thigh fillets and steamed veg
Wed ~ Chicken past bake
Thurs ~ Chicken, bacon and mushroom casserole
Fri ~ Steak and veg
Sat ~ Homemade Pizza
Sun ~ Roast lamb and veg

~ Hot Milk Cake
~ Date and Oat Slice

~ Bread and Butter Pudding

Do you Menu Plan? Would love to see yours, please Share below

Take Care


  1. what a great photo and what a great role model Brian is for his sons!
    Hope you're not having 'sick' for dinner tonight??

    1. Bahaha Sue, I didn't even think of that! No a yummy spag bol bake and garlic bread tonight.
      Brian can cook quite well, but I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to the cooking so I do it, love it too which helps.

  2. Hi Becci thank you for linking up my Hot Milk Cake, I hope you enjoy it I loved it think I need to make it again. Xx

    1. You're welcome Amanda. Such a yummy cake. I like orange cake but this was nice to just have that subtle flavour. I think it will be a fabulous cake to make for birthdays too. Nice and firm for fancy kids cakes where you have to shape them, but still light and fluffy at the same time. Kept nice and moist for a week too.

  3. That looks wonderful, men at work in the kitchen.
    I will have two days less to plan, because my family is starting the 5:2 diet. ; )
    Have a great day.

  4. Menu planning is a challenge, especially when trying to lose weight and feed the family. Thanks for sharing.