Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lunch Box Planner {free printable}

My 5yo starts school next week. He's one of the last to go through the old termly intake system here in South Australia. Next year there is just one intake.

Needless to say I am back to making school lunches 5 days a week. Been a few years since I've done that. Recent years have seen lunches rather unpopular with the teen.

I like to pack a variety in the boys lunch boxes. I like to have a little bit of section of the 'food pyramid' and don't like to pack the same thing everyday.
Ethan likes a bit of variety too. He did go through a pickled onion and cheese sandwich phase, and while he still likes them, he doesn't want to eat them everyday.

Spent some time perusing Pinterest for a lunch box planner, but nothing suited me, so I've created my own and thought I'd share it with you all.

 photo BlankPlanner_zps1879aaad.jpg

For Mains there will be a choice of sandwiches, muffin pizzas and meatballs.

Dairy will be custard, rice cream and yoghurt
Fruit will be whatever is in season and if I'm cut short there is always canned fruit
Veg the boys like cuccumber sticks and I'm hoping to encourage some other veg too
I have a selection of sweet and savoury baking items in the freezer ready to go and I'll be trying a variety of healthy crackers.

Here is this weeks plan:
 photo Plan1txt3_zps313f8684.jpg

Hope you enjoy using my first free printable! Please pop back and let me know how you go. Hopefully there aren't any issues, if there are please leave a comment and I'll try to fix it, remember though I am a total noob when it comes to technology :)

Take Care


  1. Hi from the Blog Carnival! I love printables, nice work! Not quite at the school stage yet with my kids though. I do a meal plan every week but lunch for my toddler never enters into the equation and I'm constantly scrounging around last minute to find something healthy and not too carb loaded for him to have. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. I love this planner and will use it with my own kids - I just posted some lunch ideas on my blog and linked back to your blog.