Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tucker Tuesdays ~ Recipe: Homemade Yoghurt from Scratch

I have had an EasiYo yoghurt maker for about 17 years now. I've used it on and off during that time, but do find the sachets so easy to use.
As part of my food and simple living journey I've decided to give away the packets and make mine totally from scratch.
We've been doing that for a few weeks now and we love it. The kids haven't noticed any difference at all either, which all mums I'm sure can appreciate.

 photo 2013_1125Nov20130003_zpsb8646c2c.jpg 
You will need your EasiYo container, nearly 1Ltr of UHT milk, about 100g plain greek yoghurt, 1/2 - 1 cup milk powder.

The research I have read says that if you are using fresh milk then it needs to be heated to change the structure of the milk to be made into yoghurt. However if you use UHT milk this is already done. UHT is easy to keep on hand in the cupboard too and cheap.
Your yoghurt must be plain yoghurt. Not flavoured or sweetened and no gelatin.
I buy this little tub and it makes 2 batches. Once you have yours started you will use a little of the previous batch to make the next one, so this is really just a once off. I also choose to use full cream yoghurt as I believe those fats are important, but this will work just as well with low fat yoghurt.
Adding milk powder makes the yoghurt nice and thick. Again I choose to use full cream not skim. Through my experimentation I find 1 cup works best for us. But try 1/2 cup and see how you go. It will be fine, just maybe not quite as thick and creamy.

 photo 2013_1125Nov20130004_zpsf6817e25.jpg
Add the yoghurt and a little milk to the bottom of the yoghurt pot. 
Put the lid on and give it a shake to mix. 
This will make sure you don't end up with lumps.

 photo 2013_1125Nov20130005_zpsd93f061a.jpg
It'll look a little like this.

 photo 2013_1125Nov20130006_zps09a75e0d.jpg
Add your milk powder and enough milk to fill it about half way. Put the lid on and shake again to mix well.

 photo 2013_1125Nov20130008_zps275973d2.jpg
Fill to almost the top with more milk, you won't use all of the litre.
Pop the lid on again and give it a gentle shake to mix.

 photo 2013_1125Nov20130009_zpsf48df701.jpg
Fill your EasiYo with boiling water and pop your container in as you normally would.

 photo 2013_1125Nov20130010_zps68813c33.jpg
Pop it in a safe place for about 10 hours, then refrigerate.
I usually do mine in the morning, pop it in the fridge when I go to bed, then it's nice and chilled for the morning.

 photo 2013_1125Nov20130011_zps86efc91e.jpg
This is what you'll have once it's set for 10 hours.
A nice thick greek yoghurt to rival those Yoghurt Bars!

If you wish you can add sweetener when you are putting it together.
I usually add the sweetener first and dissolve it in a little hot water. Then add the yoghurt and milk etc.
My boys like it plain though. I can always sweeten with honey as I serve if needed.

Do you make your own yoghurt? What's your favourite flavour.

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  1. I love it with golden syrup drizzled on it

  2. Thank you!!!!! I have just started using the easiYO and have been looking for instructions to do away with the packets.

  3. Hi that sounds great. Do you know if you can make it without the yoghurtmaker pot as well?/
    How would that go?? Any suggestions?? jmvan@bigpond.com Thank you

    1. You certainly can. This is the method that I would recommend. I haven't tried it myself but this is my good friend and mentors recipe and know that she has been making it this way for years.

  4. I haven't tried this method Becci, sounds pretty simple. I have an easiyo and use the sachets but they can work out quite expensive after a while...Do you think this works out cheaper than the sachets?

    1. It would have to. The yoghurt in the end if free because you reuse some of your last batch, less than 1Ltr of UHT $1 plus the 1 cup of milk powder, not sure how much that would be, will work it out soon for you though, but the total would be less than $2 for sure

  5. Thanks for this Becci, I have been using the easiyo sachets for ages but considering the amount of yoghurt my 3 girls eat I keep thinking I should try making it myself. what sweetener do you use?

    1. I haven't been sweetening this plain yoghurt at all. The kids like it plain with blackberries (that we forraged back in Feb), sometimes they'll ask for a little drizzle of honey.
      I used to sweeten the plain sachets though with 3 tablespoons of sugar dissolved in a little water.
      I'm trying to steer clear of that sort of thing more and more now though.
      I know others that use this method that use honey and have great results.
      Even adding just vanilla without sweetener can often fool you into thinking it's sweet. Mum used to do that with her whipped cream, no icing sugar just vanilla, was nice.

  6. Hello Becci!
    How are you travelling? Can you believe we're on the cusp of December?
    I thought you might like to know that I am hosting Reverb again this year. It'd be a privilege to have you join us.
    Everything you need to know can be found at: http://www.katmcnally.com/p/reverb13.html
    We kick off on Sunday and it is going to be AMAZING. Hope to see you there!
    Kat xxx

    1. Oh fabulous! I certainly need a boost to get blogging again, have been struggling with it most of this year. I'll definitely be playing along. Thanks for thinking of me :)

  7. Thanks for sharing this super easy way to make your own healthy yoghurt!!!! I wish I had an EasiYo now!!!!!!

  8. This looks like a great way to make yoghurt. I love thick Greek style yoghurt so this might fit the bill. Might try it with A2 milk though and do the whole heating thing. Thanks for sharing this recipe.