Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goal Review for 2013

I have spent the last few days looking over my goals for this year and evaluating them. Some I did well with, others not so much.

Let's have a look shall we.

Simple Living Goals
~ Put my compost scraps into the green recycling bin - nope but I now have a nice bench top compost bin to use
~ Sew napkins - Nope
~ Sew hankies - Nope
~ Grow and use water kefir to aid our health - Tried and didn't like
~ Make some soft cheeses and yoghurt form scratch - Yoghurt yes, cheeses Nope

~ Contact friends more - Hit and miss
~ Spend more 1:1 time with the boys - Hit and miss
~ Don't yell so much - Hit and miss
~ Have fun more - Hit and miss

Kids Development
~ Set aside time each week to work on ABC and 123 development, handwriting skills too - Nope
~ Do one craft activity a week - Nope

~ Keep up with the Zone work - first half of the year wasn't too bad
~ Add pretty touches - Nope

~ Complete boys blankets - Nope
~ Work on kids crafts - Nope
~ Start our blanket - Nope
~ Crochet a jumper for Ethan - Nope
~ Scrapbook one page a week - Nope
~ Sew boys pyjamas and pyjama bags - Nope

~ Walk 5-6 days a week - Hit and miss
~ Strength training 2 times a week - Nope
~ Build our immunity through kefir and other health foods - Getting better

~ Blog 5 days per week - Did well until late May when we went on holidays. Couldn't get back into it after that.

So that doesn't look very successful does it. Oh well. I did accomplish some things.

Tomorrow I'll post my 2014 goals, some of it may seem very familiar :)

Do you set yourself Goals for the year?

Take Care


  1. I sometimes "sorta" set goals in my head only. But don't write them down. I am a terribly efficient procrastinator.

  2. Becci, you did do other things that were just as important to your family!

    1. Thanks Jilly.
      Yes of course I did, these were particular things that I wished to focus on this year. While I didn't perfect these things they were greatly improved :)