Tuesday, December 17, 2013

reverb13 Day 17: It's your word

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 So I've been pretty slack with Reverb13 haven't I?

I was thinking about my One Little Word the other day as I was doing some goal planning for next year the other day.
I decided that I wasn't going to do OLW next year. Decided that I really hadn't done anything the last couple of years so why bother?

Then today while I was reading through some blogs, posts that weren't related to OLW or reverb13 at all One Little Word struck me. I didn't even read the word. It just popped into my head.

I pondered on it for a little while. Then ran an erand, which included a walk with a tantrumming 4yo, and I thought about it some more.

So I thought, why not? Why not have One Little Word. If it just sits there not doing much then what have I lost? Nothing. But if I plan for it then it might just be something fabulous.

What was that one little word you may ask???


My goal for 2014 with my to Nourish mine and my families Mind, Body and Soul.

Do you have One Little Word for 2014?

Take Care


  1. yes great goal for 2014.xx

  2. Nourish is a fantastic word... especially in the midst of toddler meltdowns. xx

  3. I'm with you...I've paid for OLW two years in a row and did nothing with it and last year decided not to pay and do nothing with it. This year I felt it was about time I focused on OLW and my word is HEALTHY (ie Healthy mind, body, family, food, thoughts, activities etc.) I like Nourish as well. Lets do it this year. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


    1. I haven't paid for it ever lol. I think all that would be too much for me. But I have tried to set goals each year around my OLW but haven't got very far.
      This year I will be setting monthly and weekly goals in many aspects of my life and OLW will definitely be featuring!