Thursday, January 9, 2014

{January} The Simple Womans Daybook

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I have been having a read of the blog posts on and off for over a year at The Simple Woman's Daybook and thought this year I might just take part.

Outside my window ... The skies are blue, a few clouds are in the sky and there is washing on the line

I am thinking ... that I must start going to bed much earlier than I have been if I want to keep these early morning walks up

I am thankful ... having a lovely family night with all my siblings this week

In the kitchen ... I have Herman bubbling away

I am wearing ... Navy track pants, blue tshirt and sneakers

I am creating ... two patchwork granny square blankets for my youngest

I am going ... slightly insane during these school holidays

I am wondering ... what this summer is going to bring weather wise

I am reading ... Nourishing Traditions

I am hoping ... my Kombucha scoby and Herman starters survive

I am looking forward to ... Brian having the weekend off, trip to the beach no doubt

I am learning ... all about Kombucha and Herman Friendship Starters

I am pondering ... what recipes shall I try with my first batch of Herman

A favourite quote for today ... seeing as today is my first Daybook entry I'll go with my life motto. If it's important, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find excuses

One of my favourite things ... sitting with a cuppa tea and my crochet hook

A few plans for the rest of the week ... continue decluttering, spending some family time with the boys over the weekend, working on more granny squares

A peek into my day ...

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Our lovely local beach

Linking up with the January Edition of The Simple Women's Daybook

Take Care


  1. Did that comment go through? I'll do it again.

    Lovely post Bec!

    I've learned to get up early by counting backwards: I need eight hours sleep, to be up at 6am I need to have lights out at 10pm. Summer is the best time to make this sort of change.

    1. Nup just the one comment Rose.
      I was going to bed at 9.30, asleep by 10, then I'd be all good to get up at 6am. But I've totally got out of that habit since the school term finished.
      I'm now getting up at 6.30 and then once school goes back I'll do 6am again.

  2. lovely pics :) visiting via Simple Woman's Daybook

  3. I like the Simple Woman's Daybook too - I might start posting it on a Wednesday.
    I made a couple of Hermans - one was the original apple and sultana (so good) and a fruchoc and spice one (totally naughty and yummy!).

    Looks like the weather will be good for Vacswim!

    Cheers - Joolz xx