Friday, January 3, 2014

My Pretty Planner

Yesterday I showed you how I am using my new Planner to accomplish my goals this year.
Remember how it was a very plain boring planner? Well I couldn't live with that. So I got out my scrap supplies and had a play to see what spoke to me.
This is the result

 photo 2014_0101Jan20140003_zps3e36c1b5.jpg
Nothing fancy but much more attractive.
I used a sheet of Kaisers Base Coat, some Jilly Bean Soup alphas and a 6x4 from Fifth and Frolic.
I would normally have added more but this is a bit planner as it is, I don't need to be bulking it up anymore with stuff that will probably just get knocked off and ruin it anyways.

 photo 2014_0101Jan20140004_zps018cf095.jpg
On the inside I pasted in a few 3x4 cards from Fifth and Frolic that spoke to me.
Cards that would inspire me as the year goes on.
Again on a base of a different sheet of Base Coat by Kaiser.

 photo 2014_0101Jan20140005_zps0407d385.jpg
The inside back page I have left plain, just covered with a sheet of the same Base Coat I used on the inside front cover.
Here I can put notes etc that I want to keep through the year.

 photo 2014_0101Jan20140006_zps0d394bb3.jpg
I didn't have another sheet of the Base Coat that I used on the front, 
so I used a different sheet of Base Coat instead. 
This one looks like linen.
Again I've popped some 3x4's from Fifth and Frolic that inspire me.

So that's it. All stuck down with a bit of double sided tape. No glue which makes life easier. Hopefully it will hold.
Pretty simple but much better than the bright blue of the original.
Some thing a little more personal and pretty unlike this rather masculine household.

Do you like to alter notebooks or diaries? 

Take Care


  1. I love it, certainly pretties it up a lot!

  2. Becci, you clever girl. I actually printed out most of your Home Journal pages from DTE Forums today, you've done a lovely job with those. My binder is boring black and likely to stay that way until I get some of my other WIPs and UFOs finished. You know how it is :) xx