Thursday, January 2, 2014

Planning my Goals to be Successful

Last year I set a nice sized list of goals and didn't get much crossed off. I never really made them a priority and hence they didn't really happen.
This year my list is similar, with a few alterations, but I am aiming to work on every single one of them!
How? Well I discovered this awesome diary, thanks to Cate, who bought it last year after I had already ordered my 2013 diary.

 photo Diary_zps56fae544.jpg
It's not the prettiest diary, but I soon fixed that.
{see tomorrow's post for all the deets}
Yeah it's quite a large diary, but at this stage in my life I am home most of the time and don't need something that will fit in my bag.
Although if needed it will fit easily enough. I'm a mum, I have a huge bag.

It is full of fabulous planning pages that you can see in more detail here, just scroll down a bit.
I am using two in particular.

 photo 2014_0101Jan20140007_zpsbc71842e.jpg 
This is the monthly page for February. Each moth has the same page. There is also an almost exact page for the whole year. The only difference is that instead of a weekly breakdown on the side it's monthly.
I love how it has sections for each aspect of my life. Of course you can relabel these sections if they don't suit you.
I have written in all my goals for the year in their different sections. Then when planning my monthly goals I reference back to the monthly one.

 photo 2014_0101Jan20140001_zps52dcf27b.jpg 
This is how the daily sheets are set up.
Side by side and mirrored for easy use. The spiral bind allows for the pages to be turned back to back for ease of writing for left and right handed peeps.

 photo 2014_0101Jan20140002_zpsfcf4fad9.jpg  
Along with a typical timed section there are sections for different aspects of your life.
I have a column for my personal and home stuff. Blog and business stuff. Then another I will use for my forum moderating at Down To Earth.
I love that this has a Journalling section. I'll no doubt find this invaluable when I Project Life this year.

I plan to sit down for about 10 minute each night before I go to bed to play my day and write down any notes in the journalling section.

I am really hoping that this will allow for me to plan to meet my goals much more efficiently this year as well as be more organised.

Do you have a diary or planner for this year? 
How do you make it work for you?

Tomorrow I'll show how I prettied this baby up to make it more 'me'.

Take Care


  1. I used this diary a couple of years ago and loved it. You have just reminded me to order another one.

  2. That looks like a wonderful diary, too bad it's not available in Canada.