Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tucker Tuesday: Recipe ~ Lemon Delicious

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 Now that the weather is cooling down we are starting to feel like hot puddings again.
I really wanted to make something to have with the roast chicken on Sunday, but oh what to make?
Well I have lemons here in the fruit bowl that are looking a little worse for wear and some cream in the fridge that's getting close to it's use by date so.......

Lemon Delicious it is!!!!

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This is a rather frugal dessert. Especially if you have your own lemons and eggs!
It's a great recipe to practice your baking skills and fabulous for our young bakers to learn lots of skills. There is measuring, separating of eggs, creaming, whipping egg whites and folding all in the one recipe. But it really is a super easy dessert!

Lemon Delicious
60g butter
3/4C sugar
3 eggs, separated
1t grated lemon rind
1/3C Self Raising Flour
1/4C lemon juice
3/4C milk
Icing sugar to dust

Preheat oven to 180C and grease a 1Ltr casserole dish.
Cream the butter, sugar, eggs yolks and lemon rind in a small bowl until light and creamy.
Transfer to a larger bowl.
Add the flour and mix in with a wooden spoon until just combined.
Add the lemon juice and milk and stir, be gentle.
Beat the egg whites in a clean bowl until stiff peaks form.
Gently fold the whipped egg whites into the creamed mixture.
Ensure mix is well combine being careful not to beat the air out of the egg whites.
Bake for about 30 mins or until lightly browned, mix will be a bit wobbly on the bottom.
Dust with icing sugar to serve

We make a double mix of this for our family and serve with fresh cream.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe Bec.

    I saw you post a photo on Facebook recently... and thought - I hope there's a recipe coming soon - you must have read my mind!

    Look forward to testing it out for myself...