Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Giveaway Winner!

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and the winner of our Palmolive Giveaway is.....

................ pigsmightfly!!!

Could you please email me at beccisdomesticbliss@yahoo.com.au or pop me a message on our Facebook page in the next 48 hours (so by 7am thursday morning) please.
If no contact I'll have to redraw :)

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Tucker Tuesday: Recipe ~ Creamed Rice

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One of our favourite desserts is creamed rice. It's so satisfying and fairly frugal too. You don't need any fancy equipment to make it, just a saucepan, and it doesn't need much work, a little stirring here and there and that's all.
We are a fairly large family so I make a big batch. This way there are leftover which Ethan loves to take to school. You can easily halve the recipe though.

Creamed Rice
2C medium grain or arborio rice 
1.5-2Ltrs milk 
1/2C sugar 
1T good vanilla extract

Put the rice, sugar and about 1 Ltr of the milk into a medium sized saucepan.
Bring the milk to the simmer, turn down to just bubbling.
Give it a good stir ensuring that the rice doesn't stick to the bottom.
Let simmer for about 40 minutes or so stirring every couple of minutes to make sure the rice doesn't stick. Burn creamed rice is NOT very nice!
The rice will absorb the milk as it cooks so add more as necessary. Test the rice, once it's nice and soft it's cooked.
Depending on how you like your creamed rice add some more milk if you aren't serving straight away. The rice will continue to absorb the milk as it continues. We like ours fairly wet so I make sure I add a fair bit of milk so it's nice and saucy. Stir in the vanilla and then serve either hot or cold.

I usually use medium grain rice as it's cheaper. But I've used arborio rice the same way and it was fine.
We choose to use full cream milk to add those extra good dairy fats into our bodies.
I usually use white sugar but you can use what you like. I have used brown sugar before which adds a nice caramel flavour, you might not need as much though.
I'm sure coconut sugar or rapadura would would fine too. You can even choose to add honey or maple syrup at the end if you'd rather too.

As I said it's fairly easy, just needs some stirring. I try to make it while I'm busy in the kitchen, maybe doing dishes or some other cooking so it's easy to keep an eye on it.

Do you like Creamed Rice? How do you serve yours?

Take Care

Monday, April 28, 2014

Menu Planning Mondays Link Up!

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This week has been a bit over the shop. School holidays and two public holidays!

Mon ~ Meatball subs
Tues ~ Leftovers
Wed ~ Baked chicken pieces and veg
Thurs ~ Easy dinner
Fri ~ Fried Rice and Chicken wings
Sat ~ Pastitsio
Sun ~ Leftovers

~ Pear and Gingerbread pudding

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Do you Menu Plan?
Would love for you to share.
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Menu Planning Mondays Link Up!

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Happy Easter!!
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend no matter what your beliefs or how you choose to celebrate this holiday.
I was lucky to have one of my closest friends come and stay for a few days.
We've had a bit of sickness around this week. Started with a gastro bug last weekend and now I have a cold and have lost my voice!

Mon ~ Sausages and veg
Tues ~ Spaghetti Bologanise
Wed ~ Meat pies
Thurs ~ Fried Rice and chicken wings
Fri ~ Slow cooked pot roast beef and veg
Sat ~ BBQ lunch
Sun ~ Ready made lasagna

This weeks baking was some vanilla easter cupcakes. I make them every year so we have something different for sunday morning tea.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Palmolive Divine Blends Review and Giveaway {Sponsored}

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I remember being 7yo and beginning to wash the dishes each night after dinner. I thought I was so grown up. Loved that I could do big girls jobs. Boy did that attitude change a few years later!
By the time I was in my mid teens I was over the sight of dishes. Working in the local Cafe and Restaurants as a dish hand certainly didn't help.
Dishes soon became my least favourite chore. I still don't enjoy doing them but I hate seeing my kitchen cluttered so it's a matter or choosing the lesser evil.

Generally I'm not fussed as to what dish liquid I use. Haven't really found much difference between the cheap homebrand ones and the more well known brands. So for our budget we've been using a supermarket homebrand one for $2 (for 450mls). It works well enough but I do get sick of the lemon or orange scents each week.

 photo 2014_0413April11th20140001_zpsbbbb9b52.jpg
Then Palmolive sent me a nice bottle of their Divine Blends in Vanilla and Berries to try. Oh my I am in LOVE!

It's a nice big 700ml bottle and it's purty pink! The scent is mild but oh so pleasant. Much better than the usual citrus based ones I'm used to.
The RRP is $4.99 for 700ml or $3.49 for 375ml (in Violet and Apple Blossom scent) which makes it just slightly more expensive than my usual but I need so much less! 
I usually give a good squirt as a swirl the bottle around the basin but with Palmolive Divine Blends I only need the tiniest squirt to clean even the greasiest pan! 

So not only does that make it more economical it's also less chemicals being flushed down the drain too!

Palmolive had kindly donated 3 full size bottles for me to Giveaway!!!
Just comment below with your answer to my question before 7am on Tuesday 29th April. Australian entrants only.

I would like to know what your least favourite chore is?

This is a Sponsored Post for Palmolive and Digital Parent Collective.
As always all opinions are purely my own

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Menu Planning Mondays Link Up!

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This week our eldest turned 21! He opted to have a home cooked meal instead of going out which really surprised us. Maybe he's missing the home cooking?
He went in on a beast at his work so provided a massive corned beef for me to cook. Was so nice. Lovely and tender and not salty at all!
He requested Nans Vanilla Slice for dessert.

Tues ~ Corned Beef and veg with bechemel sauce 
Wed ~ Spaghetti Bologanise
Thurs ~ Hot chip butties
Fri ~ Steak with garlic musrooms, Potato Bake and veg
Sat ~ Parmy Meatloaf and veg
Sun ~ Corned beef and veg with bechemel sauce

~ Nans Vanilla Slice
~ Herman muffins ~ Strawberry and seeing as it's the holidays choc choc chip :)

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Friday, April 11, 2014

My Crafty Corner: Seeing Double!

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This week my focus was on joining Eli's Granny Patchwork blanket together.
I thought it was going to take me about 2 weeks to join and do the border, but I worked fast and got it done in a week!

 photo 2014_0409April11th20140014_zpsa40c177d.jpg

Eli chose a dark grey for the joining and border and it looks great!

 photo 2014_0409April11th20140015_zps82205207.jpg

He's so happy with it. Loves that he now has his, was rather dirty that Ethans was finished first you see.

 photo 2014_0409April11th20140013_zps99a337c5.jpg

Don't the look great together?
You can see all the stats on what yarn I used etc at Ethans reveal post here.

Take Care

Monday, April 7, 2014

Menu Planning Mondays Link Up!

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A very normal week this last week. Doesn't seem to happen very often :)

Mon ~ Roast Chicken and veg
Tues ~ Pasta Carbonara
Wed ~ Homemade Hamburgers
Thurs ~ Apricot Chicken and veg
Fri ~ Easy dinner
Sun ~ Beef Pot Roast and veg

The only baking I have done this week was some cupcakes for Ethan's Sports Day. I used my Butterfly cake recipe and iced them in team colours.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Crafty Corner: Ethan's Granny Patchwork Blanket

This one photo Blanket3_zpsa8b2613b.jpg

A couple of years ago I decided that I was going to make the younger two a blanket each for their beds.
We took a while to decide on a pattern though. I wanted something a bit more fancy but Ethan insisted on a Granny Patchwork blanket after seeing one similar on Pinterest. Eli wanted the same so that was easy.
I decided on 5 round grannys and wanted it large enough so that when they went to a bigger bed they could still use it. Rough calculations meant that I had 546 squares to do for the two blankets!
So early last year I began.
I began in earnest, then got a little bored and had other projects to do too. So it was left for a while.
Late last year I decided that I really wanted them finished for this coming winter.
I tallied up what I had made and set myself a time frame of having the squares made by the end of March, so that I could have the blankets joined and finished by Easter.

 photo Blanket2_zps33c67a27.jpg

I did it! Well I have one finished and hopefully in a week I'll have Eli's finished too. I ended up finishing the squares a couple of weeks early too!

So the stats.
I used a 4mm hook and 8ply Magnum acrylic yarn. I really wanted to use pure wool but Magnum won out with the brighter colours.
Each Granny has 5 rounds.
The blanket measures 13 x21 squares, are joined with black and single crochet on the right side.
There is a 10 round Granny border plus a single crochet round to finish it off.
I used a lot of my stash for this but did have to buy many balls too. Each ball yielded 12 squares with a bit of yarn left over.
So all up I would have used about 23 balls of yarn for the squares. 2 balls to join and then a further 6 for the border.
Total of 29 balls at $3.60 = $104.40

This one photo 2014_0331March31st20140004_zps6297426f.jpg

Ethan is loving his blanket. It's still a little too warm to really use it yet but I am looking at it like a bedspread. It can stay on his bed most of the year and just be pulled back when not needed.
I also love how it goes up and over his pillow. This part will then fold down, double up and help to keep him super warm in winter.

Do you have a handmade blanket that you treasure? 
Or have you made one for your children?

Linking up with Frontier Dreams Keep Calm and Craft on {crafting on}

ETA - Eli's is finished now, you can see it here.

Take Care