Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Crafty Corner: Ethan's Granny Patchwork Blanket

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A couple of years ago I decided that I was going to make the younger two a blanket each for their beds.
We took a while to decide on a pattern though. I wanted something a bit more fancy but Ethan insisted on a Granny Patchwork blanket after seeing one similar on Pinterest. Eli wanted the same so that was easy.
I decided on 5 round grannys and wanted it large enough so that when they went to a bigger bed they could still use it. Rough calculations meant that I had 546 squares to do for the two blankets!
So early last year I began.
I began in earnest, then got a little bored and had other projects to do too. So it was left for a while.
Late last year I decided that I really wanted them finished for this coming winter.
I tallied up what I had made and set myself a time frame of having the squares made by the end of March, so that I could have the blankets joined and finished by Easter.

 photo Blanket2_zps33c67a27.jpg

I did it! Well I have one finished and hopefully in a week I'll have Eli's finished too. I ended up finishing the squares a couple of weeks early too!

So the stats.
I used a 4mm hook and 8ply Magnum acrylic yarn. I really wanted to use pure wool but Magnum won out with the brighter colours.
Each Granny has 5 rounds.
The blanket measures 13 x21 squares, are joined with black and single crochet on the right side.
There is a 10 round Granny border plus a single crochet round to finish it off.
I used a lot of my stash for this but did have to buy many balls too. Each ball yielded 12 squares with a bit of yarn left over.
So all up I would have used about 23 balls of yarn for the squares. 2 balls to join and then a further 6 for the border.
Total of 29 balls at $3.60 = $104.40

This one photo 2014_0331March31st20140004_zps6297426f.jpg

Ethan is loving his blanket. It's still a little too warm to really use it yet but I am looking at it like a bedspread. It can stay on his bed most of the year and just be pulled back when not needed.
I also love how it goes up and over his pillow. This part will then fold down, double up and help to keep him super warm in winter.

Do you have a handmade blanket that you treasure? 
Or have you made one for your children?

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ETA - Eli's is finished now, you can see it here.

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  1. Love all the bright colours you have used and it looks like it will be snuggly and warm in the cooler weather. I am sure your boys will love their blankets. I haven't done any crochet for a while but both my boys are lucky to have a crocheted blanket each that their nana has made for them and they are both well used especially in the cooler months.

    1. So special for children to have blankets made by cherished family members

  2. I love the colours, bright and dark, just great for boys. The black makes it all pop!

  3. It looks MAGNIFICENT Becci - you must be so proud of the way it has worked out...

    I have a knitted blanket which Mum made for me over 30 years ago. It's still in use although it does need a few repairs... Mum passed away a few years ago - so I love having this piece to treasure!

  4. Thank you. Ethan chose the black himself, he has a great eye

  5. Becci, you really did a wonderful job, I love the contrast of the bright colors against the black. This is a timeless look the boys can use in their homes forever, and always think of their loving mama who put love in every stitch!

  6. Becci the blanket looks fantastic and using the black makes it very modern and child like vs the granny rug sitting in front of the tv. That's a lot of crochet and I know it will get a lot of use over winter. Great job. I've just bought wool recently to make a blanket and haven't done any crocheting since I was a teenager. I had a little one hour lesson to make the first square but as that was a few weeks ago I might have to revisit the shop. I put it down to make two rag quilts for my kids which were so easy and I loved. Again the sewing machine hadn't been used in over 12 years or more. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  7. Ah! so this is what you've been writing about on DTE! It is fabulous!