Friday, April 11, 2014

My Crafty Corner: Seeing Double!

 photo 2014_0409April11th20140016_zpsc8461dbb.jpg

This week my focus was on joining Eli's Granny Patchwork blanket together.
I thought it was going to take me about 2 weeks to join and do the border, but I worked fast and got it done in a week!

 photo 2014_0409April11th20140014_zpsa40c177d.jpg

Eli chose a dark grey for the joining and border and it looks great!

 photo 2014_0409April11th20140015_zps82205207.jpg

He's so happy with it. Loves that he now has his, was rather dirty that Ethans was finished first you see.

 photo 2014_0409April11th20140013_zps99a337c5.jpg

Don't the look great together?
You can see all the stats on what yarn I used etc at Ethans reveal post here.

Take Care


  1. Fabulous work Bec, they look great.

  2. They look amazing Becci well done I'm sure your boys will love them for many years

  3. Absolutely beautiful quilts, done with love I'm sure... Darlene

  4. They look fantastic together! Well done for putting the boarder on so quickly.
    Thanks for joining us for Sunday Brunch with Mums Take Five, Nic

  5. Such lovely colours, and they look so warm!
    Visiting from Sunday Brunch at Mums Take Five. xx