Monday, April 14, 2014

Palmolive Divine Blends Review and Giveaway {Sponsored}

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I remember being 7yo and beginning to wash the dishes each night after dinner. I thought I was so grown up. Loved that I could do big girls jobs. Boy did that attitude change a few years later!
By the time I was in my mid teens I was over the sight of dishes. Working in the local Cafe and Restaurants as a dish hand certainly didn't help.
Dishes soon became my least favourite chore. I still don't enjoy doing them but I hate seeing my kitchen cluttered so it's a matter or choosing the lesser evil.

Generally I'm not fussed as to what dish liquid I use. Haven't really found much difference between the cheap homebrand ones and the more well known brands. So for our budget we've been using a supermarket homebrand one for $2 (for 450mls). It works well enough but I do get sick of the lemon or orange scents each week.

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Then Palmolive sent me a nice bottle of their Divine Blends in Vanilla and Berries to try. Oh my I am in LOVE!

It's a nice big 700ml bottle and it's purty pink! The scent is mild but oh so pleasant. Much better than the usual citrus based ones I'm used to.
The RRP is $4.99 for 700ml or $3.49 for 375ml (in Violet and Apple Blossom scent) which makes it just slightly more expensive than my usual but I need so much less! 
I usually give a good squirt as a swirl the bottle around the basin but with Palmolive Divine Blends I only need the tiniest squirt to clean even the greasiest pan! 

So not only does that make it more economical it's also less chemicals being flushed down the drain too!

Palmolive had kindly donated 3 full size bottles for me to Giveaway!!!
Just comment below with your answer to my question before 7am on Tuesday 29th April. Australian entrants only.

I would like to know what your least favourite chore is?

This is a Sponsored Post for Palmolive and Digital Parent Collective.
As always all opinions are purely my own

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  1. My least favourite chore is dusting! So many surfaces and seems like alot of dust. I find it boring and don't feel like I have achieved anything as it's not something you immediately notice like vacuuming.

  2. Sweeping the floor always seems to take me forver and I can guarantee that the kids or the dog will run through the pile of sweepings before I can clean them up.

    Cheers Sharon.

    sharon 7999 at yahoo dot com

  3. I agree with Aly...dusting is the worst!

  4. Gosh I'm finding it hard to pick my least favourite chore what with so many in the running. However I think the chore I dislike the most is cooking. Yes would you believe it's cooking.
    I have been cooking since I was around 8 years old to help prepare the evening meal while Mum was at work after my parents split. While I am no Masterchef I am a good plain cook but I would dearly love some time off for good behaviour after the last 50+ years.

  5. My least favourite chore would have to be cleaning the bathroom! And would have to add that having a lovely scent in the dishwashing liquid would have to help that chore be an easier one to enjoy!

  6. My least favourite chore is putting away the folding/ironing. I'm happy enough to fold and iron clean washing but when it comes to putting it away I'm a slacker.

  7. With a six year old son... it's got to be cleaning the toilet!! Ha ha!

    Daisy :)

  8. With three kids aged nine and under
    The laundry's a nightmare, is it any wonder?
    There's uniforms, pj's, undies and jeans
    In hues of blacks, greys, orange and greens!
    When one round is over, another begins
    My washing machine must be dizzy, oh how she spins!
    It's a never-ending cycle, worse in winter of course
    Without a dryer, they need to dry on the horse.
    As you can tell, my laundry's over-flowing
    And I imagine it'll get worse as the kids continue growing!!

  9. Mine is mopping the floor, but with 4 kids I have to do it a bit. I use dishwashing detergent to mop the floor too as it gets it nice and clean!

  10. I have to say that I was over washing the dishes from the first time my mother asked me to do it haha. But now I'm in such a cleaning routine that one boring chore blends in with the next.
    However I do really dislike having to pick up after the others in this house or trying them to pick up after themselves.

  11. My least favorite chore has to be cleanibg around the boys toilet! Im sure you can imagine with boys of your own!