Monday, June 30, 2014

Turning the Corner

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Who knew how popular and motivational this quote would become.

So things weren't going that great here a couple of weeks ago.
With some hard work it looks as though we have turned the corner on one front, but another is rearing it's ugly head. We'll get through that too no doubt.

Now that things aren't so daunting I really need to get back to being productive.
For me that means lists and routines. That means planning my days so that I have a focus and things actually get done.

I know many feel daunted when they have a huge list and I feel that way too sometimes. When things are like that I select three things on my list and do them. Three things is usually totally doable. 20 not so much.
When I have finished those three things I select another three things.

Sometimes when I'm feeling more on top of it I'll select three things that NEED to be done that day, three things I'd LIKE to get done that day, and three things that would be AMAZING if I could get them done.
This way as long as I get my first three done I'm all good. IF I can get the next three done then fabbo. IF the last three get done that I AM AMAZING!
What isn't done on one day can easily be rolled over to the next.

There will be a bit of faking it til I make it happening here too. I can certainly see the light but there are going to be times where the light is dimmed a little and that's where the auto pilot of routines comes in handy.

So I'm making my list for tomorrow and the rest of the week.
I'm re-evaluating my routines and making them work for me. Posts to come, hopefully.

Anyone else putting one foot in front of the other right now?

Take Care

Monday, June 16, 2014

Menu Planning Mondays

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Mon ~ Chicken snitzels with creamy Diane mushroom sauce and veg
Tues ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Wed ~ Leftovers
Thurs ~ Apricot Chicken and veg
Fri ~ Rissoles and veg
Sat ~ Toasted sandwiches
Sun ~ Corned Beef and veg with white sauce

No Baking this week.

Take Care

Monday, June 9, 2014

Menu Planning Mondays

 photo BDBMenuPlanningMondays_zps2bc59953.jpg

Sorry I've been absent. Have had a few things going on behind the scenes that have been taking my attention lately. Nothing to stress about, but if I'm quiet know that all will be ok and I'll be back when I'm feeling motivated.

So looks like we have a double Menu Plan this week :)

Mon ~ Corned Beef and veg with white sauce
Tues ~ Curried Sausages
Wed ~ Rissoles and veg with pan gravy
Thurs ~ Slow cooked Pork chops and veg
Fri ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Sat ~ Homemade Pumpkin soup and homemade bread
Sun ~ Roast Chicken and veg

Mon ~ Sausages and veg
Tues ~ Fish and veg 
Wed ~ Savoury mince on toast
Thurs ~ Hot Dogs
Fri ~ Steak and veg with creamy mushroom sauce
Sat ~ Sausages in onion gravy and veg
Sun ~ Slow Cooked Pot Roast Beef and veg with gravy

Not a great deal of baking has been happening. Herman was made into chocolate muffins and that was it!

Take Care