Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Revisting my Routines: My Morning Routine Pt1

As part of turning the corner I am revisting my routines and seeing they need tweaking.
It's been a long time since I have officially written them down. Been over 2 years since I wrote my last blog posts on them.
Since then Ethans started and finished kindy and now in school. Eli is now at the same kindy two days a weeks, so life is much different.

My aim would be to have the basics of my Morning Routine finished before we head off to school drop off. If there is anything leftover then that is a must to be done as soon as we arrive back home.

My Morning Routine
6.30am ~ Awake, turn on computer and put on the porridge pot. Have my computer time until 7am
7am ~ Start kids lunches. 
Welcome them as they wake and get them breakfast.
7.30am ~ Wake children if they aren't up already. 
Get the fed, dressed, teeth brushed etc.
Get myself dressed.
Make all our beds, pop a load of washing on if it's needed.
Check what's for dinner and pull out and start prep (defrost, precook rice for fried rice etc).
Put away dishes from last night and tidy kitchen.
Make sure bags are packed and house tidy before we leave at 8.30.

Provided I stay off the computer after 7am this is totally doable.

Do you have a Morning Routine?

Take Care


  1. Umm, roll out of bed at 6am and head straight for the coffee machine (which has been set to turn on automatically at 5:45), fight husband for first shower - lose - have cold shower, wake daughter, make breakfast and any lunches not made the night before, gently remind daughter to get up, brush teeth, do hair and makeup, yell at daughter to get out of bed, tidy house and put on washing and dish washer while daughter stomps around getting ready for school, leave for work at 7:30.

    1. Think most parents can relate to constantly telling your child to get out of bed :)