Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Victorian Holiday Part 1

We have recently come home from 3 weeks away in Victoria. We've been planning this trip since we travelled the Great Ocean Road about 3 years ago.

Our holiday was to take in the Dandenongs and Melbourne. My In Laws were coming with us this trip too. We love to travel together and it's such fabulous memory building for the boys.

We left about 2am on the friday in the hope that the boys might sleep most of the way and help to make to long trip to Ballarat go easier.

There was a big storm forecast for the morning. We had lightening all the way past Tailem Bend and by the time we got to Tintinara (Tinty) it was pouring with rain. A quick coffee stop at Tinty and we were back on the road again until Bordertown. More fuel and something to eat and we were on our way again.

 photo DSCF5025_zps89b3edce.jpg

Lots of little stops including this one at a pull off park somewhere between Nhill and Kaniva.
That' sour van at the back and the In Laws in front. We have CB radios fitted which comes in very handy when communicating, especially in areas where mobile phone coverage is dodgy.

Our plan was to arrive in Ballarat in the afternoon, stay over night then we'd only have about a 3 hour drive the next day to Marysville. Well as we were arriving in Ballarat it was snowing!!!!
The look on Ethans face was just priceless. Eli had dozed off though so didn't really know what was going on.
We had booked into the Shady Acres caravan park. Not a flash park, but the amenities were fine enough and we were only staying over night. Nice and convenient on the Highway too.
When we returned to the car after booking in we discovered that Eli had vomitted everywhere! Poor bugger looks like he might get a little car sick. Not exactly what I wanted to be cleaning up while it showered snow!

 photo DSCF5028_zpsc433e0c6.jpg So while I stripped car seat covers and got change for the laundry the kids got to run around in snow.
They were in total awe.

Everyone was a little tuckered out that night so an early night with the blow heater going to keep us warm.

 photo DSCF5032_zps81f0bcd5.jpg
Brian got the kids up early, rugged them up and went for a walk before the frost defrosted. 
It was very foggy and the place looked amazing!

 photo DSCF5033_zpse6198fd0.jpg

 photo DSCF5034_zpsed0996eb.jpg
Nan and Pops set up just across the way

 photo DSCF5039_zps5d2df8b2.jpg
I loved this old phone box

 photo DSCF5038_zpsb121cedd.jpg
Such a beautiful view.

 photo DSCF5035_zpsd751481b.jpg
Puddles were frozen over.

 photo DSCF5040_zps7ed06dca.jpg
Had to show the boys this field. The grass was so crunchy underfoot. Love seeing their footprints left behind them as they went off to explore.

We came back for a nice warm bowl of porridge. Then it was a quick pack up and we were on our way to Marysville.

Come back soon for the next chapter :)

Take Care


  1. Coming over from Mum Takes Five :) never seen snow.. those pics are almost snowy hehehe wouldv'e been great if you had more :)

    1. Yes it would have been lovely but the boys were happy. We did get to see more later in the week (will be blogging that after the weekend) but no falling unfortunately.

  2. Snow!! wow how cool would that have been for the littlies... and the biggies :) i love that old telephone box i would have taken photos of it too lol
    Nice trip so far look forward to seeing the rest! thanks for linking up with us for Sunday Brunch xx

  3. Beautiful, Becci! You should bring your boys to Alberta for some SERIOUS snow, hehehehe!

    1. It's our dream to visit Canada Sherri. Must keep buying lotto tickets :)