Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pinata Birthday Cake!

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The day before we left for our holiday (posts coming soon) was Ethan's 6th Birthday.
I have always let our kids choose what cake/dessert they want for their birthday but this year I had to be a bit practical. I was going to be busy leading up to going away so didn't have hours to spend decorating a cake, and it had to be something that we could easily pack up leftovers and take with us.
Ethan pondered on what he would like and in the end he said 'Surprise me'. But he's like vanilla cake with chocolate frosting please.
What speaks surprise birthday cake more than a pinata cake?

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I used my trusty Rich Butter Cake recipe because I know it stands up to be cut, stays fresh for days afterwards, is easy and cheap to make and everyone loves it. I doubled the recipe then split each batch into two, creating 4 round cakes. The top and bottom were to remain whole and I used a bowl to cut a circle from the middle two layers that I stuffed with party mix and smarties.

We had a little bit of a panic when I discovered that I didn't have enough cocoa for the buttercream frosting. So I used some chocolate topping and milo instead and it was delicious!

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Pinata cakes are easy and look affective but are a bit of a pain to cut. The cake ended up falling in on itself after a couple of slices were cut. But it all tastes the same and Ethan was totally stoked with his cake.

Have you made a Pinata Cake? What are your top tips?

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  1. I made one of these for one of my girls last year, so great seeing their excitement when they don't expect it!