Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Little Pen Pal Organisation

I've been having lots of fun recently writing to some Pen Pals that Melissa from One Crafty Mumma organised through her Creative Pen Pal Swap.
I've always loved playing with paper and being creative and have been wanting to get back to old fashioned letter writing for a while, so this was just perfect for me.

Today I was busy in my craft room creating my latest swap item and I had a brain wave.
I needed something to keep my current letter and current letter set together.
I had been looking for something else yesterday when I rediscovered a couple of A5 size MDF clipboards that I bought at Officeworks for a couple of dollars. Bingo! I could decorate one and then clip everything together and when I want to write I can use it to lean on! This way I can take my letter writing into the lounge or even outside into the sunshine with a cuppa!

So here it is....

A Little Pen Pal Organisation | Becci's Domestic Bliss

A Little Pen Pal Organisation | Becci's Domestic Bliss

The paper is from an old Kaiser line, Miss Nelly. I'm a big fan of blue based pink florals.
The alpha stickers are also from Kaiser.

To make these I put double sided tape around all the edges and the edge of the clip. Spread a nice amount of Mod Podge in the middle and make sure it's fairly even.
Place the piece of paper on top, starting at the bottom of the board.
Crease the paper into the bottom of the clip with your thumbnail. Trim so that you can do the same to the little bits on the side.
I have done a few of these now and this technique works well.
Using the double sided tape on the edges means you don't really have to wait for the glue to dry and stops the edges from curling.
For this one I left the edges of the clipboard raw, but you can paint them before hand if you like.
The back has also been left plain. I might cover it down the track but for now I'm happy for it to be left as is.

A Little Pen Pal Organisation | Becci's Domestic Bliss

It's a perfect size for letter writing too {see more blue based florals}.
Just love the dappled light coming in through my window.

Mel has decided to leave the Pen Pal Swap open ended, so if you'd like to join in pop on over and sign up!

Take Care


  1. What a great idea, love it! Thank you for the pen pal organisation inspiration.

  2. I like this idea and I also love the floral print. I'm always looking for something to lean on when I write things down, especially if I'm not sitting at the table. You've given me a great idea (buy a clipboard) and I can choose a lovely paper pattern to go on it.

  3. I've been palling for many years. I love this stationery set! Clipboards are handy, too, for when you want to write in a different environment - more scope for the imagination, as Anne says. :-D I use stationery and other papers to make slams as well. Not too many have heard about slams, but they're really fun to make and swap. They're basically booklets of about 10 pages stapled or bound together, any size but I prefer around the postcard size, you deco the front using all sorts of craft items, then you fill the subsequent pages with either questions, a statement that people sign if they agree, or choose between a couple items on the page, etc... I like to make a variety in each booklet to make it fun. Then you send it to your pals, they stick an address label on the inside cover, they answer the questions or sign ifs, then they pass it on to their pals, etc... The last signer sends it home to whoever the slam is made for. It's a great way to find more pals, too. Email me if you're interested in learning more: