Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tucker Tuesday: Recipe~ Apricot Chicken with a Twist

Apricot Chicken with a Twist | Becci's Domestic Bliss 

One of our all time Family Favourites is Apricot Chicken. I loved it as a kid and now my boys do too, well the non fussy ones at least. Randall even requests it every year for his birthday dinner.

Many Aussie families make this on rotation but most use French Onion Soup Mix in theirs, which is nice but the sauce is quite runny. We use Dutch Curry and Rice Soup Mix in ours. Makes a much thicker sauce and the little bit of curry in it adds some nice flavour, it's not hot by any means, we don't do spicy in this house.
I have been experimenting not using packet mixes but am yet to nut this one out, so we'll continue to make it this way until I work it out.

Apricot Chicken with a Twist
1-2kgs chicken pieces
1.5 cans apricot nectar
1 pkt Dutch Curry and Rice soup mix
Can apricot halves (optional extra)

Place the chicken pieces in the bottom of a casserole dish. Combine the nectar and soup mix, pour over chicken. Drain the apricots (if using) and add to the chicken.
Cover and bake at 180C for an hour. Take the cover off and bake another 45-60 mins. Give it a stir a couple of times.

I use chicken pieces. I find it's the best way. I have used thigh fillets and that's not too bad, but never use breast fillets, they dry out in casseroles too much. Save them for quicker cooking.
We usually serve this with rice or mash and other steamed veg. But it is really yummy served with chips. The sauce poured over chips is delicious and is how it was served to me growing up.
You can adapt this recipe for the slow cooker too, I use just one full can of nectar, the rest is the same. I find 4 hours on high is plenty of time to cook in my slow cooker, chicken seems to cook really fast in it.
If you double the recipe to feed a large family (this feeds us 5 well and truly, and we're big eaters plus I get leftovers to put away for Brians work dinners) then don't use two packets of dutch curry soup mix, use one and one packet of french onion soup mix. I find using two dutch curry mixes ads too much flavour and thickens it too much. Using one of each gives a nice balance.

Let me know if you give it a try

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  1. Hi Becci I have been meaning to let you know I have made this recipe twice now and my huzza and I love it. So easy to do :-)

  2. Oh this is delicious....as I didn't have any tinned apricots I subbed in some diced dried ones & this was one sensational easy meal. I served it with rice cooked in some low salt chicken stock..