Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My New Craft Space

Many of you will remember my Room of Shame. That room stayed in that condition, more or less, for at least 3 years. It was awful. I struggled to find the time to organise it let alone actually craft in there.

 photo Bedroom1_zpsae1b4a4f.jpg

Then a few months ago we decided to let Randall have the space for himself. He's 18 now and needs a little more independence. So we switched. I spent about 4 days decluttering my stash and packing everything into tea chests and into the shed. I gave a huge amount of stuff I just wasn't going to use to the boys kindy. They refused loved it. I see something from my stash being used on the craft table and displayed on the walls just about every time I walk in.

 photo Bedroom2_zpsbe9900bc.jpg 
I love having a dedicated writing area. This is where I start my day, write mu blog posts and pen pal letters and do all my planning.
I need to get a large pin board to put up here yet though.

This room is much smaller but actually much easier to use. It's inside to start with. So I can easily pop in there for 5 mins here and there when needed. Takes much less time to clean up and I am finding I am having so much more time to be able to craft now that it's more easily accessible.

 photo Bedroom3_zpsb2e3dfda.jpg
My main crafting area. This window looks out onto the backyard. Can you see the boys artistic talents on the window?

Lots of lovely light comes through this window. It does cop all the afternoon summer sun unfortunately. It has a good pull down blind on the outside, so fingers crossed it won't be too hot in here.

 photo DSCF5691_zps6f3c65c5.jpg

My Project Life Zone. Needs a little more organisation but it's getting there.

 photo DSCF5692_zpsbaae8c89.jpg

On the wall to the left as you walk in. A little untidy but better. The wardrobe houses the vacuum cleaner and my sewing needs.

I just love my new room. It's not designer but it's practical and I am loving how much more creative I have been lately.

Take Care


  1. Bec it looks great, really well organised into little sections and it looks like it will be simple to maintain. Have fun in there.

  2. It looks fantastic and I love how light the room is.