Thursday, November 13, 2014

Our Victorian Holiday Part 2 ~ Marysville and Lake Mountain (photo heavy)

Ooops where did that 2 months go since I posted about the first day of our holiday?
Oh well I'm here now.

The next day we made the drive through the top of Melbourne and onto Marysville. A little stressful getting onto the new roads that our GPS's didn't recognise, not easy when towing a van, but we got there ok. The drive through the Yarra Valley was gorgeous too.

 photo DSCF5047_zpsc29f2241.jpg
The Black Spur was gorgeous!

 photo DSCF5084_zps4c5c1a62.jpg
Our set up in front, In Laws behind.

We had nice big sites at the Marysville Caravan Park. The amenities was just to the right of the photo.
Behind those tress in the background was the Steavenson River and the main street. So nice and close to town!

There had been some good snow falls all week and we wanted to make the most of it so the day after we arrived we decided that we'd take a drive up Lake Mountain and see if we could find some free snow play.

 photo DSCF5052_zps657b89f9.jpg Well it was a gorgeous sunny sunday with a youth ski comp on so the traffic was pretty heavy closer to the Resort turn off. But after that it was easy.

 photo DSCF5053_zps04aeab0c.jpg
Tree ferns heavy with snow

 photo DSCF5054_zps6a49ef1c.jpg

 photo DSCF5057_zps6e4ad6b9.jpg
One of my fave photos

 photo DSCF5058_zps8d6817d0.jpg
Our delightful GPS wanted to take us through this short cut. 
4WD or no 4WD we were not going there!

 photo DSCF5061_zpsfa1678a9.jpg
We all know the saying cold enough to freeze your tits off?
Well she lost one! (Not built by us)

We found a nice little turn out where other people were playing in snow (just after the Warburton turn off for those playing at home). A fairly quiet stretch of road, safe enough to play.

 photo DSCF5062_zpsdcbff510.jpg
Pop and Ethan

 photo DSCF5064_zpsa32dafd7.jpg
Eli copped a good one early. Straight down his back!

 photo DSCF5065_zps80c1c732.jpg
He wasn't happy!

 photo DSCF5074_zpse26c2444.jpg
Beautiful scenery

 photo DSCF5076_zps0e1b2f88.jpg
We found this great area that was full of ferns covered in snow. They looked like little mushrooms. We didn't go past the signs, those other people weren't with us.

 photo DSCF5078_zpsdb9f1ee5.jpg

 photo DSCF5080_zpsd3cce69b.jpg

After about half hour the kids were getting cold and wanted to go. So we grabbed so nice family photos and jumped in the car with the heaters cranked!

 photo DSCF5070_zps5a933c59.jpg

 photo DSCF5068_zps0ef8ceb6.jpg

 photo DSCF5069_zpsae11b754.jpg

We drove home via Warburton etc and had a lovely day out.

Next edition next week I promise!

Take Care

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