Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tucker Tuesday: Recipe ~ Weetbix Slice

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I don't know about you but my boys refuse to eat the weetbix crumbs. So we often end up with heaps left over after a couple of months.
I've been trying to find a nice weetbix slice recipe, similar to the basic choc slice that I grew up with, but they have all turned out too dry and crumbly. So I made up my own adapted from a few different ones I found online.

Weetbix Slice
4 weetbix, or about 100g of crumbs
1/2C coconut
1/2C sugar
1T cocoa
100g melted butter
1/3C water

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, ensuring it's mixed and combined well.
Press into a greased swiss roll tin. Squish it right down.
Bake at 180C for about 20 mins.
Allow too cool in the tray a little then spread with a basic chocolate icing (icing sugar, cocoa and milk) and sprinkle with a little coconut.
Allow to set then cut into squares.

We enjoyed this slice this weekend when we went for a drive around our local area. IO packed a thermos and some strawberries to go with it too.

Take Care


  1. Hi Becci, I was on the DTE forum while having my brekkie, and as I have a few minutes to spare before I get dressed and go out, I thought I would do a bit of blog hopping. You have some great photos here, you must have a decent camera! (Don't tell me it is your phone, I will cry!)
    I know what you mean about Weetbix crumbs - my hubby is the same. I tell him the crumbs taste the same as the damn biscuits, but he doesn't want to kmow, so I give them to the chooks. But your recipe sounds tasty, so I should give that a try.
    Your snowy photos were stunning! I know that road over the Black Spur very well, it isn't that far from us and is one of hubby's favourite motorcycle runs.

    1. Hiya!
      Thank you for your lovely comments. My camera isn't a very expensive one. Cost about $250 from Big W a few years ago. Nothing fancy, but I'm very happy with the quality.
      The above pic was taken with my phone though, you can tell it's not quite the same clarity.
      I didn't realise until after we came back that you lived up that way. If I'd known before hand I would have seen if you were up for a cuppa! We loved it up there. Have more pics to share soon!

  2. So, next time you come to beautiful Victoria, let me know in advance! (and if we ever get back to, South Oz, I will let you know :-)

  3. Picnics! The art of picnicking is nearly lost. These days it normally means buying expensive lattes and $5 slice of cake and sitting in a state-of-the-art gazebo some place. Time to bring back a wicker basket full of home made goodies and the thermos - good on you Becci!

    1. Thanks Phil. I nearly packed my wicker basket, but it's oval and the food was in rectangle containers so wouldn't have fit nicely.
      We often pack a picnic. Too expensive to eat out for all of us. IF we eat out we usually grab a meal at a pub. Cheaper than anywhere else, good filling food and usually have a salad bar to fill up with!