Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tucker Tuesdays: 10 ways we enjoy Strawberries

It's Strawberry season here. We love strawberries. My boys can polish off a punnet each quite easily.
We do grow some of our own but as with all fruit and veg, they are very cheap when in season.

We like to enjoy them many ways.

 photo slice_zpse176f9b3.jpg

Strawberries are an excellent portable food. Perfect for a picnic morning tea with some Weetbix Slice and a cuppa from the thermos.

 photo DSCF5859_zpsaf220717.jpg

Decorate a home baked sponge (this one by my MIL) with whipped cream and Strawberries.
Brian's 50th Birthday cake from last week.

 photo DSCF5856_zps728f284e.jpg

Macerate in the fridge for a few hours with a little sugar and serve atop some homemade vanilla bean ice cream.

 photo strawberries_zps58e99c24.jpg

Cut and freeze in ziplock bags to add to yoghurt later o to make jam when the weather is cool.

 photo 2013_0301Feb20130001_zpsbb6cb513.jpg

Part of a Healthy Breakfast {or snack}

 photo lunchbox_zpsca44e8fe.jpg

Part of a healthy lunchbox

 photo jam_zpsc23d3165.jpg

Strawberry jam.

 photo DSCF5651_zpsb3ac9393.jpg

Did I mention cake?
Strawberry Cream Hot Milk Cake

 photo Smoothie_zps642d6b02.jpg

 photo strawberrymuffins_zpsca37a80e.jpg

Vanilla Strawberry and Pear muffins are one of our faves!

 photo DSCF5847_zps15bbb8a8.jpg

Don't forget to grow some!!

Do you like strawberries? How do you enjoy them?

Take Care


  1. I love strawberries. I munch on them fresh with nothing else. They make the most wonderful breakfast food with yoghurt. I also love strawberry jam, especially with warm scones and cream.

  2. strawberry and baby spinach salad with red wine vinegar reduction is our favourite use of strawberries