Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wildlife Cocoons for our Bushfire Victims

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As I'm sure you've heard South Australia has suffered an awful bushfire this year.
Some of my family live in the area and while many homes were lost they were lucky to come away unscathed.
Thank goodness for our wonderful Firies for all their fabulous work. If it wasn't for them the devastation would be disastrous.

I sat here wondering what I could do to help. Then a friend posted on Instagram that knitted and crocheted pouches for baby orphaned wildlife were needed. That's something I can do quickly and easily so I got cracking.

 photo DSCF5880_zps3701b7b3.jpg
I followed the basic pattern and use Bendigo Woollen Mills Murano yarn (discontinued) as it's a lovely natural fiber.
I made a couple of slightly bigger ones too just in case.
I whipped these up over the course of the weekend and promptly send them off to my friend for them to be distributed.

Once I have some other projects done out the way I'm going to make some more and donate ready for next year to use up the last of the Murano.

Take Care


  1. Good on you Bec! I saw Rhonda's post about the mittens but saw they were sewn, I didn't realise I could have knitted pouches.

  2. So many animal shelters are looking for this and similar handiwork to simulate pouches and habitats.

  3. Love that you live in port Elliot, I used to live at coobowie many moons ago, slow cooker chicken & French onion soup mix will feed my lot

    1. My BIL and his family holiday at Coobowie often. We visited there when we holidayed at Stansbury a couple of years ago. One of the boys all time fave holidays.