Monday, April 20, 2015

and so it happened

It seems that every time I reach a new decade in age, major changes are afoot.

When I turned 20 I fell pregnant and became a single mother.

When I turned 30 I finally left a crappy relationship, started studying and met my future husband and father of my youngest children.

I thought of this as I approached 40 last year. I could feel that change was around the corner, or was I imagining it? If there was change was it going to be good change? Boy I hoped so.

I was tempted to write about it but just couldn't find the words.

I even think things were changing as far back as June last year when I wrote this post, I just didn't know what it was.

Now I do.

I won't go into big details, as they involve my boys as it's for them to tell the world these things not me. But they have both been struggling at school. The school has been great and accommodating where possible. But due to red tape and all that crap they can't provide what my boys are needing right now.

But we can.

So after MUCH consideration and deliberation, we have made the decision to Home School.

We don't plan for it to be forever at this stage. Our aim is to go through to the end of next year and reevaluate. We will use this time to get our boys the help they need whilst continuing their education. We hope that once they are skilled up and and can deal with mainstream school then they'll return to their old school. If not, we'll continue to Home School. Whatever is best for our boys is what we will choose to do.

The second big change is that our second eldest, my first born, has decided to move out of home. This has been coming for a while and I think it will do him the world of good. But as a Mumma Bear I am anxious for him.

So that is it. I have no idea what it means for my blog, for my Facebook page or anything else for that matter. Right now I need to just focus on getting in to a totally different way of life and see where that takes us.

We are very excited, albeit a wee bit nervous, about where this is taking our path, and hope you can be excited for us too. I know Home Schooling can be a rather contentious issue but I hope that you can all remain respectful of our choice to do what we feel is right for our family.

Take Care